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Teddy Jumps Track Samples:



Music can make us happy, 
Music can make us dance,
Music can help us sleep, 
Music can help us learn. 
It is never too early to enjoy music with your small child. Babies listen from inside the womb and are born ready to learn, through listening and moving. 
Kids Music Company songs help a young child learn about themselves and their world by developing body awareness and coordination, listening, language 
understanding, vision, and memory.
Sharing these opportunities together creates a fun, warm and positive base for learning.
Essential, interactive repertoire for everyone aged 0-4.
Tracks include: All Of A Sudden - Move, All of a Sudden - Play, Bouncing, Cat And Mouse, Climbing Up And Down, Dad’s Feet, Five Autumn Leaves, Flying, Good Night Sleep Tight, Here Are My Eyes, I Have A Shaker, I’m A Snail, Little Seed, Lots of Legs Spider, Meet Thumbkin One, Music Day, Pastry Roll, Sparrow, Spider Spins, Stretching Taller, Swing, Teddy Jumps, Teddy’s Parachute, Tickly Rain, Time To Sleep

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