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Jump Jive and Improvise Track Samples:



A lively collection of original, interactive songs for school-aged kids which involves children in moving, playing instruments, and singing.
Many songs have opportunities for children to add their own ideas in movement or instrument playing, inside the framework of a song. This supportive setting makes the experience of improvising ‘safer’ and more satisfying for children, and less chaotic for teachers.
Lots of opportunities for singing, together and in parts, build vocal and focused listening skills.
Live backings include saxophone, flute, violin, piano, guitars, conga drums, bongos and drum kit.
Essential, interactive repertoire for everyone aged 5-10.
Tracks include: Connections, Copy Your Partner, Copy Cat Leader, Haere Mai Gidday, I Wish, Improvise a Rhythm, Look After Our Earth, Move, My Colour World, Play A Rhythm, Playing The Beat, Puppet Friend, River Round, Shaker Song, Street Corner, Te Neke Haere, Two Things, Water Water, Words That Rhyme

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