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Another exciting collection of music for children designed to entertain, enthuse and educate.
Pop up with Clown and bop around the swamp with Pukeko. Move, play instruments, dance and sing. Wriggle with the jazzy worms, float with autumn leaves or march in the band.
Fully interactive music means learning is fun. And kids learn best when they are having fun.
Once again Kids Music Company has created quality music for children.
Particularly suitable for kids aged 3-8.
Tracks include: Autumn, Baa Baa Rap, Born On Christmas Day, Cold Hands, Cool Cats, Digging, Drum Shaker Song, Fancy Dance, Five Wriggly Worms, Hands Go Walking, Hey Hey Hey, It’s a Parade, Marlece’s Lullaby, Patacake Polka, Play The Whole Day Through, Pop-up Clown, Pukeko Stomp, Stretchy Lycra, Swings And Seesaws, Then I Stop, Wonderful Day

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