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Splinka Dinka Track Samples:



Splinka dinka diddly dee, dance around the room with me… Join us for more interactive music fun! 
How does an elephant move differently from a tree frog? Why should we pick up litter? How do you draw a triangle using your shoulder?
These musical activities help children develop skills in all essential learning areas: physical coordination, language understanding, visual strength, focused listening, creativity and imagination, socialization and memory. And it is fun!
So let’s help kids get moving and get learning.
Essential fully-interactive repertoire for everyone aged 2-6.
Tracks include: Buddy is Underneath, Copy Game, Counting Flowers, Cross Over - Play, Drawing Triangles, Eight Little Penguins, Fancy Shakers Dance, Floating, Follow Follow Me, Galloping Hey, Hey Friend, Hey Monkey, I Met a Friend One Day, Litter in the Bin, Marching Feet – Move, Marching Feet – Play, Patting Day, See the Elephant, Skoobally Doo, Splinka Dinka, Stretchy Cord Copy, Ten Birds, The Shop, Walking Hands, We Can Roll the Hoop

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