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Stay and Play Track Samples:



Play with imagination, play with friends, play instruments. 
Join us in the world of teddies, turtles, traffic lights, toothbrushes, tunnels and tigers to stimulate movement, imagination, language and learning. 
Song topics are relevant to a child’s life including: my body, my home, games, colours, numbers, friends, food, animals, exploring sound, shapes, routines, toys, and (the very important) physical movement.
Play is a child’s work. Through play, children develop in all essential learning areas: motor, auditory, visual, language, social, musical, memory, imagination and creativity. 
Have fun with this music, knowing your child’s learning is being reinforced and supported.
Essential fully-interactive music for everyone aged 2-5.
Tracks include: Butterfly Garden, Coloured Circles, Cross Over, Elastic Loop, Green Light Go, Hands In Front, Line On The Floor, Mirror, Mirror, Playing In My Band, Rainbow Lunch, Rubber Ball, Spinning Top, Stay and Play, Stripy Tiger, Takahia Means Stamp, The Park, These Are My Fingers, Tiny Turtles, Welcome Everyone, Zeebah the Leader

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