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The Night Sky Track Samples:



This instrumental collection will help soothe and relax those busy bodies. Our days are so full of activity we often forget the importance of relaxing and reflecting. The music in this collection is intended to slow the heart rate and provide a backdrop for relaxation. 
Adults may choose to put their feet up. Children may wish to move creatively using scarves or ribbons; paint or draw a picture; read a book; or just lie down and relax. 
This music is also perfect for bedtime. Starting at a medium speed, the songs are ordered so each following track is at a slower tempo, helping to reduce the heart rate of the listener and facilitate rest.
Relaxing repertoire for everyone aged 0+.
Tracks include: Rest, Swings and Seesaws, Good Night Sleep Tight, The Ocean, Rolling, Born, A Perfect Morning, Flying, The Night Sky, Autumn Leaves, In the Mode, Little Caterpillar, Drifting to Sleep, Spider Spins

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