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Shake Rattle and Drum Track Samples:



A bucket of learning and fun!
How much learning can a child get with a bucket and a shaker? Bucket Loads!
Playing instruments can be a lot more than just making sounds.  Our Kids Music Company kids move, using their whole body, as well as play instruments.  The moving supports the instrument playing.  If kids can feel the song in their body they can easily transfer the beat and the rhythms onto instruments.  This transfer makes instrument playing easy and successful.  Come and join us and we will show you cost effective ways to create instruments, and successful strategies, and fun songs which can easily transform your music sessions.  The kids will learn bucketloads on the way.
This album comprises of 3 new tracks and 15 compiled tracks from various CDs. The compiled tracks are instrument songs, and movement songs with new ways to use them on instruments, all in one easy to access resource.
Tracks include: Break Out, Copy Me, My Favourite Way to Move, My Favourite Drum, Howdy partner, I Can Do It - Drums, I Can Do It - Move, Jam With Me, Let's Drum, Let's Jump, Pass the Drum Please, Playing in My Band, Rainbow Lunch, Sounding Really Good, My Special Shaker, Splish Splash Splosh, Stay and Play, Tidy Up Time

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