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Does the idea of playing instruments with a group of preschoolers give you the shivers?  Do you grit your teeth and leap in, with Panadol at the ready?  Do you expect absolute mayhem?
This workshop can help you and will give you successful ways to confidently encourage instrument playing with preschoolers.   
We will stamp, jump, sing and incorporate our senses in the action.  Once the beat is in the child’s body the step on to playing instruments is much easier.  We will share a repertoire of songs to establish basic musical skills simply and effectively with preschoolers. Come and join the fun, No previous skills necessary.
Why Is Instrument Playing Important for Children?
Playing instruments develops the whole child not just musical skills. Early experiences playing instruments can develop important brain connections.
Children enjoy playing instruments as it gives them a personal power to create sound. It also requires the use of many senses at once. Vision and hearing combine with the sense of movement and touch.  Social skills and memory develop, as well as the important inner sense of body rhythm on which we base many motor skills such as walking, smooth running and swimming. 
As the child processes all this sensory information at once the brain grows important connections across the sections. These connections will help streamline information processing in the future. –And the more brain connections a child has, the faster he can think.  It is powerful stuff! 
But first you need a repertoire of songs. This workshop will give you a great start. 
Come and join us. 
Get empowered and offer satisfying, successful music sessions to your children.  

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