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Speaking (and Spelling) Spectacularly
Henry the horse had a hat …
Millie Mouse made muffins …
English is tricky for any child with so many different sounds. Along with learning to say all the sounds, a child needs to read and spell them too.
Let’s make it fun.
Kids Music Company’s brand-new Alliteration Poems build phonetic awareness, giving children many opportunities to practise a particular sound in each poem.
Janet will demonstrate ways to teach the poems using voice, actions and playing rhythms. Involving multiple senses makes the learning powerful. Together we can help kids love a lifetime of letters, language, literacy and learning.
✓ Build oral language competence
✓ Build phonetic awareness
✓ Have fun with language

Marvelous Midlines
This workshop will also include songs for movement particularly to develop a sense of midline. Coordination happens across the body’s three midlines (left/right, top/bottom, front/back). Children with learning problems often have a weak sense of midline. Through fun songs and activities, we can help children develop coordination across these midlines. Songs will be taken from the Kids Music Company catalogue of original music. 

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