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The journey to coordination across all three midlines helps align the body and optimize the brain for the higher levels of functioning.
It is an ongoing natural development that unfolds from birth to about age seven to nine, or beyond.
These songs will support midline development.
A pdf of the track list and midline actions is included in the digital album download.

Track Listing:  
1. Copy Me
2. Cross Over
3. Spanish Sunrise
4. I Can Do It
5. Litter in the Bin
6. Freddie Fingers
7. Let’s Jump
8. One-sided Dance
9. Giant’s Breakfast
10. My Shadow
11. Walk to New York
12. Stripy Tiger
13. See the Elephant
14. Sounding Really Good
15. Patting Day
16. One Hopping Finger
17. Smooth and Jerky
18. Building
19. Little Caterpillar
20. Small Green Frog
21. Meet Thumbkin One
22. I Can Paint
23. Drawing Triangles
24. Draw a Circles
25. Check It Out
26. Stretchy Cord






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