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Mango Tango Track Samples:



Join the mango, watermelon and their juicy friends for some healthy fun; guaranteed to get you moving. 
Rap with King Kapisi and Teremoana Rapley as you try to coordinate the one-sided dance. Play shadows, drive a digger, dance with dinosaurs and cook breakfast for a giant. 
Bulldozers, birthdays, bubbles, balls, bananas and baked beans blend with hoedown, rock, reggae, swing, tango, hip-hop and electronica. 
The huge variety of musical styles entertains children and adults alike. Learning is made fun!
Let’s help get kids moving, get healthy and get learning. 
Essential fully-interactive repertoire for everyone aged 3-8.
Tracks include: Body Bowling, Catch a Bubble, Crystal Breeze, Draw A Circle, Giant’s Breakfast, Howdy Partner, I Can Do It, Let’s Jump, Mango Tango, Middle of The Circle, My Shadow, One-Sided Dance, Quick Flick, Roading Engineers, Sounding Really Good, Summer, Swamp Stomp, When Is Your Birthday? 

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