Music Licences - NZ and Australia

Our music and manuals are for use in NZ and Australian kindergartens, preschools, schools, and for personal use. If you use our music in a setting where fees or donations are collected, you will require a licence.
We have different licences for different scenarios:
If you run mainly music sessions and use KMC music within those sessions then you will require a Community Licence.
If you are a church or community-based group using KMC music, and receive donations or fees from people attending, then you will require a Community Licence.
If you run a group and charge $5 or more per class then you require a Commercial Licence.
If you are a commercial group and only want to license a few tracks then you require a Commercial Track Licence.
Please contact Wendy to check which licence you need or to discuss your situation.

Music Licences - Overseas

Contact Wendy if you run a mainly music group, a church or community-based group, or commercial classes outside of NZ and Australia to find out which licence you will need.

For all International enquiries about our online structured music programmes, please contact Daniel.

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