Vehicle for Learning

As well as developing MUSIC FOUNDATION SKILLS, we use music as a vehicle to develop skills in ALL ESSENTIAL LEARNING AREAS.
Our original music is purpose-built (winning multiple international awards) developing skills in:
  Motor – body awareness, balance, coordination, control, timing
         Spotify Playlist: Motor (very young)
         Spotify Playlist: Motor (young)
         Spotify Playlist: Motor (older)
  Visual – peripheral, teaming, tracking, hand-eye co-ordination 
         Spotify Playlist: Visual
  Aural (hearing) – concentration and focused listening, following instructions
         Spotify Playlist: Aural
  Linguistic (language) – understanding, building vocabulary, enunciation
         Spotify Playlist: Linguistic
  Social – confidence, sharing, taking turns, positive self-esteem, sharing quality time
         with caregiver 
         Spotify Playlist: Social
  Memory – building short term memory, sequencing
         Spotify Playlist: Memory
  Musical – timing, singing in tune, moving in time, playing instruments
         Spotify Playlist: Musical (younger)
         Spotify Playlist: Musical (older)
  Creative – imagination, lateral thinking, problem solving
         Spotify Playlist: Creative

How Does it Work?
Nature intended young children to move. The development of movement causes the growth of an intricate network of connections in the brain necessary for optimum functioning.
By adding music to the movement, we can enhance the learning opportunity. Physical coordination (motor) is developed, focused listening, eye strength, language speaking and understanding, imagination and creativity, social confidence, and memory are all enhanced. And because we are using music as the ‘vehicle’ for the learning, musical foundations of singing in tune, moving in time, and playing instruments are also all developed. 

Simply put, when learning is multisensory (involving multiple senses: listening, seeing, moving) it is more powerful than learning with only one sense involved. Plus, any learning that is associated with melody or song sticks in the memory longer. For example, when you were tiny you needed to memorize the alphabet: 26 disconnected things. But once you had memorized the melody, learning the sequence was easy.
We can harness the power of music for so much learning.
Music motivates us to move, music lifts our spirits, music gives us the opportunity to practice language, sharing music builds a sense of community.
The list goes on …